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We specialize in trust account compliance to help protect your business from accounting oversights which can lead to costly mistakes.  Read our testimonials to see how we’ve used our trust accounting expertise to protect businesses.

Dawn jumped right in. She reconciles our trust account every month. She does a great job for us and I am especially thankful to have her working with us as we have a new in-house accountant after some 20 years who is still learning all the ins and outs of the accounting for our 7 offices, 70 plus employees and literally thousands of clients. In this capacity, Dawn has allowed us to stay completely on top of the accuracy of our trust account as well as all issues concerning required State Bar compliance.

You are my friend for life!

I don't know how I would do it without you! You are not an expense, you are definitely an asset.


Durham, NC

There are no deficiencies in our audit! None. Thank you so very very much for keeping us on the straight and narrow.

Law Firm Managing Partner

Morehead City, NC

Dawn, you have meant so very much to me and I will forever be indebted to you for your good work, kind and encouraging spirit, and for working with me through such difficulties. You are the best!


Greenville, NC

I wish I had known about you 18 years ago!


Elkin, NC

Very frankly, Dawn has helped make it possible for my partner and myself to sleep comfortably at night.


Raleigh, NC

Thanks to your expert guidance and assistance, we are reconciled to the penny! Monthly and quarterly reports are a thing of beauty.

Jeremiah Jackson

Raleigh, NC